Celebrating 40 years of excellence

Quality, Trust And Value

Serfis Construction and Engineering Ltd are expert public works contractors drawing on the experience of over thirty years trading upon the fundamental principles of quality, trust and value for money.

These values go hand in hand with our continued dedication to excellent customer service, one-to one communication and professional project delivery.

Health & Safety

Serfis are accredited by Lloyds to OHSAS 1800:2007 and underpinning all project work is the careful management of health and safety issues. The Serfis Construction and Engineering teams are fully briefed on the company's health and safety policy and regular site inspections ensure all work is carried out in compliance with Health & Safety at Work legislation.


From Health & Safety awareness and skills training through to briefings on new legislative and statutory requirements, Serfis implements regular internal briefings and training sessions - ensuring skills and industry knowledge are maintained a the highest level.


Working to all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and general government guidance, Serfis has a clear environmental policy and meets industry codes of practice, wherever possible. Efficient management of natural resources used in day-to-day operation is key and the company seeks to minimise wastage as well as conserve energy and water. All suppliers and subcontractors are thoroughly briefed on policy, with regular monitoring and reviews carried out.

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

Serfis encourages all employees to progress within the organisation and its recruitment and employment decisions are regularly monitored to ensure no direct or indirect discrimination exists within the company and we have clear anti-harrassment policies that apply to all workers.

All policy statements are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis and copies of documentation can be viewed on request.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have always believed that corporate social responsibility should be at the heart of our values. We have an enormous respect for our local community having begun trading in 1978 as a midlands-based family business, and over the course of thirty years we have always strived to invest something back - both locally and nationally.

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We are extremely proud of our continued support of over 16 charitable and local organisations. We have given our support to sporting organisations such as the Kidderminster Carolians Rugby Football Club, Chester Road Sports and Social Club and the Stourbridge Rugby Football Club. We believe that this helps to promote a healthy and active lifestyle amongst the local community and also ensures that sporting talent from the local area can be awarded the best possible opportunities.

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